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As a member of a strong traditional Korean family, I was very fortunate to grow up within the glories of the Korean Alps. We held the natural world to be sacred to Buddha. Creation has come as naturally to me as breathing the air. I paint out of an inner necessity, to evoke the lore, myths and legends of a mystical world where logic meets vision in a dreamscape of enchantment. Meticulous attention to detail is essential to make the work an accessible part of society. I aim at a tangible sense of emotion and spirituality in each composition. My work brings together the rich living traditions of the East with those of the modern world. Some paintings deal seriously with darker themes, others with gentler, lyrical ideas enriched by my Korean heritage. Creation is my life. I get up in the morning and sit in front of the canvas, determined not to waste another day. My art speaks to me and then to others, and I know I have succeeded as an artist.

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1998 - 2010 I have been painting and dewing as long as I can remember. Painting comes as naturally to me as breathing. Even though for a period of time, out of necessity, I worked as Creative Director of Xerox Corporation, I painted, enriching my experiences by such hands on related fields as pottery. Complete bio

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